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OSF Up Coming Events: 


The O’s Fittest! Starting September 1st 2020 will be the OSF games! An 8 week long event consisting of 8 different events to be completed each week! Game events in no particular order:
1. Max squat for reps (at your body weight in pounds)
2. Mile run for time
3. 1000m row for time
4. Farmer carry walk for time (100lbs girls) (180lbs guys)
5. Max plank hold for time
6. 20yd power sled push for time (135lbs girls) (270lbs males)
7. Assault Air Runner Max Speed
8. Medball toss for distance (10lbs girls) (20lbs guys)
- 8 weeks long.
- Each week is a new “event”.
- Must record yourself doing the event/have someone help you.
- Must tag / send in to Osf your finished result.
- point based system for top 10 place finishes each week.
- highest accumulated total points after 8 weeks is the winner (male and female).
- prizes to be announced.

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    Drop in fee's are $15.