Ohio Sports and Fitness is built on striving to provide an environment that is not only empowering, but also provides services within the sports, fitness and other health and wellness areas to help individuals learn to activate self awareness that, in turn, promotes development of self motivation.

We believe that self motivation is one of the most important characteristics of a person that must be developed in order to establish the means necessary for obtaining not only the fitness results you desire, but furthermore, creating the foundation for success within life itself.


This isn't just a gym this is a family. 

Ohio Sports and Fitness was built by a Willoughby native and strives to provide the most genuine atmosphere for all those in the Cleveland area. We believe that, in order to fully carry through with our mission, it would be less effective without providing a tangible fitness facility that allows the true ability to develop long term relationships and hold accountability to its highest. With the Fitness industry constantly evolving, we are always seeing bigger and better things from an equipment and exercise stand point. However, no matter how great technology and equipment are, nothing will ever replace our gyms quality environment, personalities, coaching, and overall unconditional passion to impact everyone that walks through our doors. In our almost 3  years of existence, we have had everything from weight loss success stories, cancer survivors to young athletes given opportunities to live out their dreams in playing collegiate and professional sports. But, what we are most proud of are the everlasting relationships we have built with these amazing individuals. This is why Ohio Sports and Fitness is successful.